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Getting Started Videos

Loading Data with MapD Core Utilities

This shows three different ways of importing your data to a MapD Core SQL engine instance.

Loading Data with MapD Immerse

This is a real-time demonstration of creating a table in MapD Immerse from a CSV file.

Creating a Kafka Click-through Application

This is an example of a bare bones streaming Kafka implementation that captures user activity...

Building a Dashboard

How to create dashboards for data exploration in MapD Immerse

Filtering Your Data

A brief walkthrough of how to filter your data to gain insights in MapD Immerse

Custom Measures and Dimensions

You can use custom measures and dimensions to communicate richer relationships between...

Zoom and Selection

This is a very quick introduction to the zoom tools in MapD Immerse for point map...

Pointmap Selection

Using the Circle, Polygon, and Lasso selector tools on Point maps in MapD Immerse.

Scatter Plot Selection

A quick demonstration of the Circle, Polygon, and Lasso selector tools for MapD Immerse...