Interactive Visual Analytics on Big Data

You want to seamlessly cross filter, zoom in on, or layer additional data onto your visualizations. You want it to be a fluid experience, to see your data move as quickly as your eyes. MapD Immerse does all that and more. It enables you to easily, quickly, and interactively analyze your big data visualizations--even get lost in the exploration.

MapD Immerse is a browser-based, interactive data visualization client that runs on top of the GPU-powered MapD Core analytics database. It provides instantaneous representations of your data, from basic charts to rich and complex geo charts with multiple data layers, millions of polygons and billions of points. MapD Immerse is installed with the MapD Core SQL engine.

MapD Immerse - Features

Fast, Interactive Visual Analytics

MapD Immerse reduces the elapsed time to insight with key features that facilitate fluid visual interactivity. Analysts can create charts with multiple layers of data, display dozens of distinct data sets in the same dashboard without joining underlying tables, and set dashboard auto-refresh intervals to as low as 10 seconds.

Cross Filtering

Billions of rows of data come alive with MapD Immerse. When a MapD user clicks on any dimension in a chart or graph, MapD Immerse instantly filters and re-renders all other visualizations in a dashboard to reflect that new context. This transformative way to find correlations and outliers in data makes MapD Immerse one of the world's most powerful data visualization tools.

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Geospatial Exploration

Instantly display pointmaps, heatmaps, and choropleths alongside supporting non-geographic charts, graphs and tables. As you zoom into any map, interactive visualizations refresh immediately to show data filtered by that geographic context. MapD natively supports geometric and geographic datatypes like points and polygons, and by leveraging the Vega rendering engine, millions of such features can be rendered instantly. Multiple sources of geographic data can even be rendered as different layers on the same map, making it easy to find the spatial relationships between them.

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Confident Collaboration

A MapD user can create a dashboard and share it with colleagues. If those who receive that dashboard do not have permission to see the data tables that it includes, they cannot view the dashboard. These permissions allow data analysts, geospatial analysts, or data scientists to freely share data in MapD, without having to worry about exposing sensitive information. When users login to MapD they only see the dashboards that they are authorized to see. Since dashboard permissions are decoupled from data table permissions, users can share their work freely, without having to worry that someone might see sensitive information beyond their authority.

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